Nearly 1.000 people were screened for cardiac diseases and diabetes

On the closing days of the year of the Pig, Bach Mai Hospital (BMH) collaborated with Healing Hearts Vietnam (HHV) to organize a series of special meaningful activities: Hands-on training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and lectures on cardiology diseases were held for BMH staff and trainees by US experts from HHV; Screening for cardiovascular diseases for nearly 300 students and teachers of Xa Dan Primary School, a special school with many congenitally deaf and dumb students. and nearly 700 people including family members of BMH patients were screened for cardiac diseases and diabetes. On this special occasion, BMH and HHV signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance cooperative activities in the future.

Cooperative activities began on the 6th of January; nearly 200 doctors from The Cardiology Institute, Emergency Department, and trainees of BMH were trained on the topic of airway management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and cardiology diseases by US cardiac experts from HHV and experts of BMH. In this course, US experts shared knowledge and experience on 3D cardiac ultrasound to evaluate the heart valve status before and after surgery; new techniques on cardiac ultrasound: for myocardial strain, myocardial tissue Doppler for early diagnosis of heart failure, and early dyskinetic wall motion. This opportunity gave Vietnamese doctors an update on new knowledge on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, airway management, as well as cardiac diseases.

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On 7th January, the working group of BMH and HHV came to Xa Dan School to give cardiac disease screening for all primary students. They were examined by US experts and doctors from BMH. Subsequently, five cases were diagnosed with congenital heart diseases, including atrial septal defect, arterial duct, and ventricular septal. At the end of the screening, all primary students were presented with meaningful story books by a charity organization.

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BMH and HHV gave free examination and consultation for nearly 700 people, including family members of BMH patients by the end of the two days. All participants were examined for their blood pressure, height and weight, tested for diabetes, heart ultrasound and given a free consultation on their health by US cardiac experts from HHV and experts of BMH Cardiology Institute and Endocrinology Department. Doctors detected 14 cases of cardiovascular disease, including 11 needing intervention, many people were found to have high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary artery diseases. Those detected cases were advised to have a more comprehensive health check at Cardiology Institute and Endocrinology Department in order to have a detailed report on their health. The cases that needed cardiology intervention or surgery could be reviewed to garner support for a total treatment cost (out of the cost paid by Health Insurance) by HHV. Especially, children who need to have an intervention or surgery. They could receive 100% of treatment free of charge if granted support. After the screening, all participants were given a pack of snacks.




These activities brought benefits not only to the staff of Bach Mai hospital, but to the Vietnamese patients in Hanoi. All of the activities among BMH, VNHI and HHV are a lively symbol of friendship and collaboration amongst the Americans and Vietnamese organizations.



In order to enhance the cooperation in the future, BMH, Vietnam Heart Association and HHV signed a Memorandum of Understanding for future collaborative activities.

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