Bach Mai Hospital (BMH) shares experience on COVID-19 prevention and control to National Center of Global Health and Medicine (NCGM)

the International Cooperation department in collaboration with several hospital departments organized an online meeting to share experiences of BMH on infection control and treatment of severe COVID-19 patients with Japanese colleagues from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control and department of Infectious Diseases - NCGM.

In the online meeting, on the BMH side, there are three speakers: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh, Former Head of Intensive Care department, Chairman of Viet Nam Association of Critical Care Medicine, Emergency and Clinical Toxicology, Advisor of the Professional Council on COVID-19 of the Ministry of Health; Dr. Pham The Thach, Deputy Head of Intensive Care department; Dr. Truong Anh Thu, Deputy Head of the Infection Control department; And leaders from different departments: Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, Head of the International Cooperation department; Dr. Do Ngoc Son, Deputy Head of Emergency department; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Duy Cuong, Director of Tropical Diseases center; Dr. Le Thi Ngan, Deputy Head of Microbiology department; Pharm. Nguyen Thu Minh, Deputy Head of the Pharmacy department and staff of the International Cooperation and Training center.

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For the NCGM side, there are Dr. Norio Ohmagari, Director of Disease Control and Prevention center (DCC) & Director of Infectious Disease department; Dr. Yoshiaki Gu, Antimicrobial Resistance Clinical Reference center; Dr. Satoshi Kutsuna, Dr. Shinichiro Morioka, Dr. Masahiro Ishikane, Dr. Sho Saito, Dr. Mitsuhiro Sato from Disease Control and Prevention Center and Dr. Hidechika Akashi; Dr. Noriko Fujita; Dr. Masami Fujita from the International Bureau and staff of Medical Collaboration Center Office (MCC) in BMH.

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The Japanese side had expressed their gratitude and congratulated for the achievements in the activities of COVID-19 prevention and control to Viet Nam generally and BMH particularly. It is acknowledged that BMH is the highest level in the medical system of Vietnam, but not the destination for COVID-19 treatment. However, with the leading experienced experts, BMH always plays an important role in our system. In the fight against COVID-19, the hospital had sent leading experts to join the Ministry of Health Technical Council to amend and supplement the diagnosis and treatment of acute respiratory disease caused by the Corona virus (N-CoV). On the other hand, the hospital dispatched qualified doctors to provide online counseling and support to other hospitals which are assigned to treat COVID-19 as well as instructed lower levels in the field of infection control.

In the meeting, the Japanese colleagues listened to presentations about: "The treatment for severe COVID-19 patients in Vietnam" by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh; "Experience in treating 03 cases of COVID-19 in National Hospital of Tropical Diseases" by Dr. Pham The Thach; and "Infections Prevention and Control in Vietnam in general and Bach Mai Hospital in particular" by Dr. Truong Anh Thu. After BMH’s presentations, Japanese side put many questions and discussed enthusiastically with Vietnamese colleagues. In addition, Japanese experts had chance to observe experience from Vietnam in implementing epidemic prevention very early with the principle of early detection, isolation, containment zone identification and effective treatment. Originally, Vietnam is one of the first countries to apply the entry restriction, avoiding the spread of the epidemic on a large scale, gradually implement mandatory medical declarations to quarantined people who enter by airway or by land...

After the meeting, Dr. Norio Ohmagari from NCGM had expressed his thankfulness to colleagues from Bach Mai hospital for sharing valuable experience and hope that the epidemic will be soon ended, from which would bring the life of people all over the world back to normal. He also wished the cooperation between NCGM and BMH deeply developed.

                                                                             Nguyen Huong, ICD

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